Germans — go out ridin‘ with their ladies

Germans — in their elegant Mercedes

Germans — have a country that is scenic

Germans — drive from Hamburg down to Munich

Germans — like Fritz and Franz and Edeltraut

Germans — they eat a lot of sauerkraut

Germans — they like pretzels with teir wurst

Germans — they drik beer until they burst The say ‚Guten Tag‘ and they say ‚Auf wiedersehen‘ they race down the Autobahn through acid rain they take lots of Deutsch Marks right out of their pockets to buy russian vodka and american rockets

Germans — gave you Goethe, Mann and Schiller

Germans — and Franz Kafka was a thriller

Germans — brought you Mozart, Bach and Schumann

Germans — they’re a little superhuman

Germans — have respect for law and order

Germans — live on both sides of the border

Germans — in Berlin they have a wall

Germans — for playing tennis it’t too tall The blond german Fräulains are pretty, but vain you say ‚Guten Tag‘ and they say ‚Auf wiedersehen‘ they’re very hard workers, from monday to friday make love an the weekends, and yodel like Heidi Jawohl — living in Germany is very nice we’re masters of war, we’ve tried it twice and now we’re on standby for World War III prost and auf wiedersehen, Germany

© Udo Lindenberg