form meets stylewriting

The actual issue of the designmagazine form shows a smal part of a project called stylecouncil, which was a projectidea by me in 2013. Together with Tom Lauterberg and Cemnoz, I started to think about how we can show people the evolution of stylewriting/graffiti into design.

We contacted several high quality leveled stylewriting-artists and asked them for their careersteps.

The form editorial team around Stephan Ott did interviews and organized the layout for this huge topic.

Feat. Haman Sutra, Delta inc. (Boris Tellegen), Bond (Florian Markl), Florian Flatau, Smal (Mirko Borsche), Boe, Mark Gmehling, Phenc, Neil Roth and much more. See, what they have answered in the printed versi0n:

The next steps include different art print editions, lectures, an exhibition and a symposium. Be curious!



form design magazine 254 cover

form design magazine 254 cover