Do the chicken, do the mashed potato: The Hip Hop Cookbook – Four Elements Cooking

The Hip Hop Cookbook

The Last Supper/Four Elements Cooking

Im Oktober 2012 erscheint bei From Here To Fame rechtzeitig zur Buchmesse das 112-seitige Kochbuch The Hip Hop Cookbook – Four Elements Cooking in deutscher und englischer Sprache von meinem alten Weggefährten  DJ Cutmaster GB a.k.a. Gerry Bachmann und seiner Frau Barbara Babs Bachmann.

Als Kraut habe ich das Rezept meines legendären Krautsalats beigesteuert. Mit dabei sind eine Menge alter Bekannte inkl. Patti Astor aus NYC. Das Coverfoto des durch Hip Hops nachgestellte „Das letzte Abendmahl/the last supper” von Leonardo Da Vinci wurde in der Halle meines Ateliers durch Sunny Kim geschossen.

Weitere Beteiligte im Buch sind Kurtis Blow, Duro One (CIA), Blade, Grandmixer D.St. (Grand Mixer DXT), Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew), Crazy, Mickey TFP, DJ Static, Redy, Luana, Timski, Loomit, Freshforce, DJ Charlie Chase, Fun Gallery, Timski, Katmando, Lil Cesar, Duro one CIA, Emile XY, Cantwo, Speedy legs,W Wise, DJ Hype, Shiro, Zebster, Rick Ski, Funkmaster Ozone, MC Tash, Darco FBI, Queen Lisa Lee, Rosy One, Wane COD, Fearless Four, Powerful Pexter, Zulu Gremlin, Lil’ Cesar (Air Force Crew), Cutmaster GB und viele andere.

Hier die Details:
From Here To Fame
ISBN 3-937946-38-1
ISBN 978-3-937946-38-2
16.95 EUR

A look over the shoulder of true Hip Hop pioneers as they create masterpieces in the kitchen. Learn about Hip Hop culture and the life of its different elements, styles and artists as they share their favorite recipes. An international and familiar experience for all to enjoy, with recipes and fabulous food ideas collected from Hip Hop celebrities worldwide. In The Hip Hop Cookbook, Hip Hops most extraordinary artistsfrom all four Hip Hop elements – MCing, breaking, graffiti writing and Djing – open up to share some food for the soul. Accompanying each artists recipe are short stories, a biography and photos from the past and present. Whether Lobster in Beer, Crab Balls with Katveg & Sweet Potatoes or Kurtis Chicken Wings and Green Butter, these recipes are guaranteed to give your cooking some added funk and dinnertime willnever be the same again.

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